Setting goals is easy – achieving them takes a team effort.

Is your website attracting the right audience? Does your brand generate the recognition and results you’re looking for? Every business needs more than just a great looking website. Our services are designed to solve the challenges your business faces. We meet consumers on their level to understand their perspective, and create a personalized experience they can relate to.

We believe in working closely with our clients to help them craft the right message for the audience they’ve been looking for. This personalized touch is what Lime Advertising is all about.


Thank you, Team Lime!

Claude and his team at Lime have done so much for me and my business. They helped provide great materials, and always have new marketing strategies prepared to keep things moving forward. They take the time to educate me on marketing and, best of all, they listen to what I have to say. I have learned so much from them and I am continually growing as a person, and my sales have had great growth too.

Thank you, Team Lime.

Paul McDermott
Business Owner
Merry Maids of Surrey

Great Experience so far!

Lime Advertising understands our needs and provide high-end quality service and support. We are in good hands with Lime Advertising!

Sacha Laflamme
Customer experience, channel and planning Manager
Theobroma Chocolat

Innovative Approach!

I worked with Lime Advertising to develop and implement a proprietary asset management system on behalf of Carlsberg Canada. The approach Lime took to develop the tool was innovative, impactful and customer focused. The team at Lime went above and beyond expectations to over-deliver on a tool utilized by the Carlsberg marketing team daily saving both time and money. They dealt with issues and recommended additions to the asset management system that helped enhance its usage. Lime became a true partner in marketing the Carlsberg brands in Canada and I recommend their work.

Nick Relph
Director of Marketing North America
Carlsberg Canada

Highly Recommended!

As a current client, we have been using Lime Advertising for more than 5 years now. Initially, we chose Lime because after several meetings it became clear that they understood our business model. We talked, they listened. Even more impressive, they understand our business environment and presented us with research on our competitors and customer demographics. We have found them to be innovative and very well-versed in leading edge technologies that have now become very significant marketing tools.

I would highly recommend Lime Advertising.

Wayne E.M. Osborne
Vice President
Exclusive Care Services

An Enjoyable Experience

Designing a new website ourselves takes a lot of time away from the daily duties of running a business. That’s why we turned to the professional team at Lime Advertising to tell our story and what we do through our new website. They got to know our company, products, and how we solve customers’ needs. They listened to us and came back in a timely manner with designs & updates until the job was done, making the whole process an enjoyable experience. I can recommend Lime for any of your company’s marketing & advertising needs.

Phil Cancilla
Sales & Marketing Manager
Heath & Sherwood

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Connect with our Lime Team to arrange a no obligation consultation, and we would be happy to show you how we can help turn your company vision into reality.

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Connect with our Lime Team to arrange a no obligation consultation, and we would be happy to show you how we can help turn your company vision into reality.